Next time I start to develop a crush on someone please just punch me in the face instead

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Imagine your icon sleeping with a teddy bear.

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Tiny kitten demonstrates expert throat-slitting technique. Nature is amazing.

"Oh sibling kisses—


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do musicians have their own music on their iPod as their band name or is it just under ‘me’

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why are there energy drivers? i thought their main drivers where the sengokou drivers?


I don’t entirely understand what it is you’re asking, but it sounds like you may be quite far behind on the show. I would suggest you catch up, but I’ll try to answer this as best as I can without full context to your question. 

The Genesis Drivers have been around since episode 12 (of the 26 aired so far), and had been revealed well in advance via toy scans. 

It’s been stated in episode 12 that the Genesis Driver had been made from the data collected from the Sengoku Driver, suggesting that it was merely a prototype, not a standard. There’s been no reason to think it was, as it’s been clear for most of the first saga that the Beat Riders were being used as test subjects for the Drivers, and that they were merely the catalyst for bigger and better things. 

Episode 15 elaborates on this by showing Ryoma’s interest in reaching for greater personal goals. It’s perfectly in character for him to not stop at just one type of Driver. 

Incidentally, there has still been no word on whether or not the sketches seen here will be used for anything. 

I hope that answers your question. 

mitsuzane is quite popular and everyone has pretty good opinions about his development on the show. yes, he is acting like a brat and yes he deserved to get slapped (good going mai you’re wonderful).

but, mitsuzane is not a psycho path and he is not a killer, he’s a teenage boy. the kureshima brothers have non existent parents and takatora is relying on the invisible facts that mitsuzane can raise himself and just being a good person and a good student. mitsuzane isn’t being taught that he can’t control everyone.

he may have also had no friends growing up and takatora is what, 10 years older than him. looking at how they are now, takatora probably wasn’t affectionate and if he was, it didn’t last long since he’s rather disciplined with the company and he wanted mitsuzane to inherit something in the company as well. so back to having no friends, when you have no friends for a long time and you finally meet people you feel happy being around, you don’t want to lose that, especially if you’re lonely.

and being a teenager, you never stop learning, ever. there are things that you can think through over and over again and you can be so smart, but the consequences always come back to bite you in the ass. especially at mitsuzane’s age, you need some sort of parental guidance and i know takatora is busy trying to not get killed, saving the world, relying on people he shouldn’t be relying on, but his mistake was not monitoring mitsuzane like he should have.

if mitsuzane ends up actually ruining one of the other characters or worse, actually killing someone, we can’t defend him if he was fully conscious of his decision. because that’s murder with intent and with the way he’s going, somebody has to step in or we’re going to lose him. and you know, mitsuzane has his good points, he just wanted friends and he still thinks that he alone could protect them.

and my point of mitsuzane is that people shouldn’t have kids for heir reasons, especially if they’re not going to properly love them. takatora is a whole another story of growing up without proper parenting, he still kind of has a shitty attitude but he’s willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. mitsuzane is willing to sacrifice but he’s not willing to get his hands dirty outright. if he has to, he’ll make himself look like a villain..

make me choosemtv diary or plan v diary

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normally I hate talking about my irl love life problems(because that’s what they are ok) and I’ve had it this bad before. but it’s really bad that I literally feel like I’m not good enough and today was the last day at school for everyone and I’m not going to see him for 4 months. maybe I confused it, idk but I really do feel down about not being around him, like I missed my opportunity. and you see I’ve always been the one to confess, and I’m so sick of being left hanging over and over again that I’m just not willing to confess again so matter how much I like him. I’m so conflicted that it’s driving me crazy and I can’t talk to anybody about it, it’s to the point where I’m posting about it on tumblr because that’s my one place where he doesn’t follow me. (seriously he follows me on everything but I’m still an insecure shit). and I can’t even cut this because I’m on my tablet and i just want to lay here and get more fat eating my feelings away and I hate it.

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