even people’s healthy food snacks I’m like “lololol banana armsu, ichigo armsu”

remember that tutorial i said i was going to make. well it’s not a tutorial at all because this is how i am when i put makeup on. a dick hole, but a dick hole with nice lashes~

ps i’m willing to make an eyeliner video if you really want some tips~

you're only meant to hurt once in a while.

omg thats so cute!!!
i know!! after a long year of just skype convos he actually saved up all that money to see her, i think he learned english too. it gives us hope no?

holy shit my sister/cousin’s fucking italian boyfriend from fucking italy actually came all the fuck way to canada to see her. what the fuck.


TV Guide 2014 Haru Danshi Interviews: one, two

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Ken, what are you even…

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on the other hand I had 3 finals today. I might as well be undead.

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